Aren’t We Blessed!

Keeping that ‘high vibe’ isn’t always easy!  Neale Donald Walsch would say “Until it is.”  Since I am the one who decides WHAT to think and HOW to feel, you’d think I would/could simply make that decision every morning to step into my joyful personal power and stay there.  Sounds easy enough!  But then ‘life’ happens.  And in that moment of life happening, I can choose to react in a way that lowers me into the mulligrubs, or sink into my heart space and respond from there.  Since the heart knows only love, it’s guaranteed that the response will be from love.

I (consciously) know that I am the Creator of my life (with some help from THEE Creator of course).  I (consciously) know that I get to choose every thought which results in a feeling.  I (consciously) know that thoughts and feelings have vibrational frequency and is received – and responded – by the Universe.  This is the Law of Attraction – in action – ALWAYS!  So WHY would I send out anything other than High Vibes?!

Because I’m human!  Because I continue to be a work in progress.  With many years of old beliefs and habits – that no longer serve me – I knew there was a lot of ‘work’ to be done.  Having discovered Meridian Tapping back in 2005 I’ve made great advances as I’ve cleared much of the junk.  The Law of Attraction gave me a better understanding of energy and creating my life on purpose rather than by default.  It takes determination, persistence, and commitment to do the work.  But first you need DESIRE – ya gotta wanna!   And when you reach that place of ENOUGH ALREADY – I CAN’T / WON’T LIVE LIKE THIS ANYMORE – IS THIS ALL THERE IS – I WANT BETTER – I AM READY – that’s when you shift gears.  That’s when you begin to raise your personal vibrational frequency.  And with practice, persistence, and will, you can commit to the work and your

The decision to make change is already raising your ‘vibe’ be choosing to be courageous.  When using a tool like Meridian Tapping you’re better able to rise above those mulligrubs as you clear the doubt and fear.   Maya Angelou said “Do the best you can until you know better.  Then when you know better, do better.” Aren’t we blessed to have choice?!  Aren’t we blessed to such personal power to create a life that serves us!?

Aren’t we blessed!