Never Ending Lessons

This summer has truly been a ‘tough’ one for me!  I’ve never been very good at slowing down or relaxing – have always had the ‘need’ to be busy and productive.  God forbid anyone should think of me as lazy.  However, the Universe always finds a way and unfortunately for me it was the HARD way.

Back in May I had a bit of a incident.  At first I was calling it ‘my crash’.  That was because it felt as though my entire life was indeed crashing down around me.  Mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually I felt broken.  It seemed to come out of the blue but hindsight – as usual – brings clarity.

I now refer to it as ‘my rebirth’.  And I like to think that it was not only my need for the 2 X 4 across the forehead, but it was also the intense universal energy that we’ve ALL been dealing with of late.  I’d been saying for months “I need to find balance – I need to find balance”.  My actions were not matching my words – lack of congruency!  I was not listening to my SELF or my body and this ended up being a much harder ‘shift’ than was necessary.

So – here it is the end of August and as I look back over the summer months, I feel so grateful to have had so much time to enjoy our beautiful Northwestern Ontario weather.  I’ve been blessed to put my feet in the grass more, my face in the sun more, exercise my body  more…………. OH don’t think for a minute that it’s been easy!  IT HAS NOT BEEN EASY!  I have strugged a great deal with patience – which is not my best quality, and control – which I LOVE to ‘think’ I have.  I had reverted back to WHO the heck am I?  WHAT am I to do next?  WHERE from here?  And had absolutely NO clarity in my life at all!  Did I mention I LOVE control?!

I’ve taken the opportunity to listen to webinars and re-read books that I love.  I’ve done more MERIDIAN TAPPING on myself for a number of ‘issues’.  I’ve journalled and meditated more than ever.  And I’ve started a daily “Love Letter” to myself.  I can’t say that it was 1 specific thing – probably a combination of all – that helped me find myself FINALLY feeling a lovely level of comfort that all is right with the world AND with me!

I still don’t have the clarity I wish I did YET.  Still have no idea how I will be guided next YET.  But I DO have a peace within that my Creator has my back and (as usual) everything is exactly as it should be.  As I work on my next Law of Attraction Class I LOVE the feeling of excitment, anticipation and expectation of the magic and miracles that about to bless me.  And I intend to be aware that our life lessons never end, but I can help myself by LISTENING to that loving small voice within – pay attention and take heed.