Today is my 64th birthday.  I’m not even sure how THAT happened!  Where those years went!  I certainly don’t FEEL 64 – whatever that’s supposed to feel like!

2017 was quite a year – I’ve heard so many people make that same statement.  I myself spoke of the challenges in a previous post.  During this past summer I questioned and wondered if I would ever feel my personal power again.  Would I get back to being the ‘mover & shaker’ I’d always thought I was?  For a while I had my doubts.  Perhaps the Universe was prepping me for something else.  I tried to ‘call Uncle’ on more than one occasion; however, it didn’t seem to stop the confusion and uncertainty.  Others with more insight into the Universal Energy had wise words to share, suggestions on how to flow with the energy, and reassurances that all would be well.  I clung to the ‘hope’ that lived in me.

And here we are nearing the end of 2017.  YES I have come out the other side of the challenges and most days I DO feel my personal power again.  I have a renewed sense of pride and confidence and optimism.  My desire and passion to share my Holistic offerings fills me up again.  I love this side of life.  I love feeling my powerful self.  I love knowing in my KNOWER that my Creator has my back – ALWAYS and in ALL WAYS.  I LOVE the Law of Attraction and being able to share this with all those who are seeking for more and better.  I love my persistance and my determination and my ‘get up and go’.  No one said this journey was going to be easy – and why would I even want it to be easy?!  Where’s the learning in that?

2018 is wide open for MAGIC & MIRACLES.  I come expecting my own MAGIC & MIRACLES.  I am gearing up to be on the receiving end of all the MAGIC & MIRACLES the Universe has to offer.  How about you?  Have you asked?  If not, then please do.  If you have, then please come expecting.  The Universe ALWAYS responds – and ‘NO’ is never an answer!

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