Terrea Lynn Hendrickson….. Messenger of Self-Love

Meridian Tapping Coach, Law of Attraction Coach, Trinfinity8 Coach

Having ‘struggled’ for years, my seeking lead me to ‘TAPPING’ which was the beginning of my personal self-discovery.  Life began to make sense once I understood the Law of Attraction and how I am the Creator of MY life.  Not an ‘easy’ journey, but definitely worth all the trials & errors, ups & downs, tears & laughter.  Rather than asking “Why did it take so long!”, I prefer to say “All as it should be and everything for a reason!”  I am passionate about the ‘Holistic Tools’ I’ve chosen to share and about helping others remember their own JOY.  You really don’t have to hold onto anxiety, overwhelm and worry – you DO get to CHOOSE!