MERIDIAN TAPPING – also known as Emotional Freedom Technique.  YOU ‘Tapping’ on YOU to reduce and eliminate negative emotion.  Re-discover your self-worth, self-esteem, personal power and JOY.

LAW OF ATTRACTION – knowing and understanding Vibrational Frequency will add momentum to your self-healing journey.  You truly are the CREATOR of your reality!

TRINFINITY8 SYSTEM – a Spiritual Tool for Positive Vibrational Change.  Trinfinity8 is not a medical device, does not scan, diagnose or cure any medical disease.  Trinfinity8 is a device that will allow the person the opportunity to connect with their own divineness should they be open to it.  Trinfinity8 helps shift the body into a higher vibrational state where all healing and rejuvenation is possible resulting in the body being able to do what it is naturally intended to do.

PRIVATE SESSIONS will include some or all of the above.  Skype can be available.

GROUP SESSIONS will assist families in finding balance and harmony, as well as group meditations to add peace to your Community and the World.  Use MERIDIAN TAPPING in your business to improve morale, clear differences, or deal with any emotional ‘issue’.



# 1 – “My first session with Terrea was an introduction class to EFT. I didn’t TAP on anything specific for myself but just tapped along with the group on a few random issues.

The next day when I asked my daughter to do something, she gave me her usual attitude and instead of getting into our usual yelling and screaming back and forth to each other, I reacted very differently this time. I calmly told her how I felt and what I thought and she had no reply. When I came home that day after work there was a beautiful card and flowers on the counter for me from my daughter saying how much she appreciates me, respects me and loves me.

The next session I attended with Terrea was on loving yourself. After that session I did not feel the need to dye my hair anymore and I have not dyed it since and I can honestly and sincerely look at myself in the mirror everyday and like what I see.

The latest session I participated in with Terrea, I was unemployed at the time so I chose to TAP on that. The next week I received a call for an interview and landed the job.

Terrea’s TAPPING sessions are very powerful and truly amazing. I highly recommend them to everyone.” KS


# 2 – “I’d say you are about seeking joy; recognizing it where its hard to find; choosing it rather that disappointment; realizing that it is a choice; and sharing that quest with others” DH


# 3 – “Terrea is also a gifted Intuitive and when she sees or feels emotional turmoil she simply wants to help. She uses this Intuitiveness to guide her TAPPING gift to help people TAP into and TAP out whatever issue is at the surface at that time. Terrea then helps the individual release that block and then clears any residual emotions. Her gift in this area is strong and she has helped many with this great talent she has.” DL